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Aquarium 2010 / Rybka 4 Aquarium family release notes.

Aquarium 2010 und Rybka 4 Aquarium - identical GUI's with different Rybka's

Latest Version of Rybka Aquarium GUI includes the following products:

  • Rybka 4 Aquarium and Deep Rybka 4 Aquarium(external link) – the latest Aquarium GUI with the latest and most powerful chess playing Engine. Rybka 4 Aquarium is recommended for users with only 1 core (CPU) on their computers. For reaching maximum strength on the computers with multiple cores (CPUs) Deep Rybka 4 Aquarium is recommended.

  • Aquarium 2010 and Deep Aquarium 2010 – Aquarium GUI with Rybka 3 chess playing engine (playing approximately 60 ELO weaker as compared with Rybka 4 engine). You may upgrade for free Aquarium 2010 GUI to the latest Rybka 4 Aquarium GUI by downloading and installing 4.0.5 update package of Aquarium(external link)

There're two ways of using the latest Rybka 4 engine in Aquarium 2010:
  1. To order Rybka 4 UCI(external link) package (it is engines without GUI)
  2. To order Deep Rybka 4 Aquarium(external link) product (look at the ordering page or ask directly sales group) about bonuses for previous versions Aquarium customers.

ChessOk Aquarium 2010(external link) – this program doesn’t include neither Rybka 3, nor Rybka 4. It is supposed that these engines were bought separately in advance. ChessOk Aquarium users may also upgrade the latest GUI installing 4.0.5 update package of Aquarium(external link).

Versions of Rybka 4 Aquarium

The latest version of Aquarium is 4.0.5. (Check your version using Rybka button \ Help\ About menu item.) If you have not the latest version it is recommended to upgrade it up to 4.0.5(external link).

It is supposed to release Aquarium 4.0.6 at the middle of July.

National versions

German, French, Spanish (and later Russian) versions of Aquarium 4.0.5 are available. Install your language pack after you've installed Aquarium.
Spanish pack(external link)
French pack(external link)
German pack(external link)

Language packs are not fully completed yet. One more release of language packs is expected with 4.0.6 patch..

Opening Books

Rybka4 Opening book(external link) is developed by Jiri Dufek, a second of Toplalov in his match against Anand and is being sold as a separate product. It is available for download (1.2 GB installation file), and on DVD. Rybka 4 book package includes not only original files with recommended and not recommended moves for various openings but a lot of additional information that may be visible only in Aquarium GUI. It is engine evaluations of 40 millions positions, statistics for last year games and statistics for latest correspondence games. So it provides “must have” data for analytical research of opening theory. Look 2 latest Dadi’s articles on “The New Rybka 4 Aquarium Opening Book” and “Using the Rybka 4 Aquarium Opening Book”
Chessok cafe(external link)

Note: First releases of Rybka4 book had minor installation problems. Paths to d2m tree and main book tree could be wrong. You may reload the package(external link) and install it again or to use the following program to fix these problems.

After downloading, start it and provide the path to Date directory of Aquarium. The program will inform you if any patch is essential and will make needed changes after the confirmation.

Aquarium Home Server

One of the nicest features of Aquarium is the ability of using remote engines. I.e. you may start engine on any computer and use it on another one with Aquarium. Starting Aquarium 4.0.3 you need to use update version of Home Server(external link). Use the following link to download it.

Chessok downloader

Users of previous versions of Aquarium are used to download updates of programs and bases via Chessok downloader program. Due server overload you can’t download latest updates using Chessok downloader. It is supposed to restore normal functioning of Chessok downloader server in July 2010.

Aquarium Scripter

With 4.0.6 update Aquarium team will provide one more innovation - AqScripter program, providing access to Aquarium API. This program is oriented on the advanced users first of all. They will be able to have access to data structures and engines using high level scripting language. So many tricky features may be implemented by yourself without asking this Aquarium programmers. If you are not a programmer you still may use scripts written by another users. Some of useful scripts are already created by Aquarium beta testers.

Technical support

Use e-mail address if you have any problems with Aquarium. Don’t hesitate to write to into Aquarium section about your problems. In most cases this section is the fastest way to receive the reply on your problem.

Note: Sometimes after starting Aquarium pops up an error message : Failed to set data for 'CA Chess (TrueType)'. If you see it, run Aquarium once with adiminstrative rights. (Right click on Aquarium icon\ select Run as administrator). You can also use a standalone font installation program(external link), but it also needs admin rights.
Note:If you've installed Rybka4 Aquarium, but it won't start and pops up the Access violation at address 0xc0150002, do the following: download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)(external link) (or from here(external link)) and run it. This problem occur sometimes on the very new computers when Rybka 4 Aquarium was a DVD version

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